Privacy policy

We have a strict privacy policy. Although we take care of our readers by offering them the relevant content, we also aim to convey how we manage the privacy. Here we put forth the relevant details such as the cookie usage, privacy policy of children, GDPR compliance among others.

Let’s understand why the data is collected?

  • To help organizations make better decisions
  • Personal information such as the address, contact number, or other data of the user for the promotional purpose of the publisher
  • We may collect the intent data to know more about your behavioral pattern
  • We may do it to personalize the website as per the needs of the visitors
  • We may collect the data to nurture the relationship

Which are the crucial data that is collected?

We collect the personal information such as the contact number, email address, mailing address. Along with that, we also collect the data such as the company revenue, size, location for a better understanding of the needs. This further helps in optimizing the services to be provided.

What if one wants to opt-out?

If you want to opt-out and don’t want further content, you can correspond the same by sending an email, or click the unsubscribe link, in the email which we send to you. We understand your privacy and immediately help you opt-out from the list. In rare cases, the information might stay back.

The cookie usage:

We sometimes might put a cookie in your browser files. While this cookie might not collect personal information but it could collect the pattern through your browsing history. Just as a website is personalized to serve the interest of a broader range of customers, the cookies help serve you with content as per the interest.

If you don’t want your browsing history to be disclosed, then you can block the cookies. This could maintain your privacy.

GDPR compliance:

We follow the GDPR regulation that came into effect on May 25, 2018. Your data is protected as per the rules mentioned in the compliance.

Privacy of children:

We don’t have the process to collect information about children. It can be anything whether the personal contact number, email address, name, and other identifiable information. The privacy act of children (COPPA) is seriously looked into.

The Third-party policy:

We do publish content offered by third parties. So, here unlike our site where we don’t collect personal information until you subscribe for the service, these sites collect the identifiable information of individuals. In such cases, we are not accountable for their actions. The rule is, don’t visit their websites if you are not willing to share your personal information.

The parent company is nowhere responsible for the disclosure, if you access their website.

Revision of the policy:

We keep revising the rule in a specific time frame. So, it’s advisable to visit our privacy policy often to keep abreast with the changing rules and adapt to it. You can also avoid any unwanted circumstances by doing so.