Titomic Limited Acquires Dycomet Europe

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Titomic Limited has recently acquired Dycomet Europe, since 2006 specialist in the development and supply of equipment for cold spray technology. Dycomet has a leading position in this area on the European market. The company provides turnkey cold spray solutions, research and development services through an in-house laboratory, software development and service, spare parts and consumables for their systems.

Dycomet’s customers include Rolls-Royce, Mercedes, Airbus, Siemens, VW and several leading universities. The portfolio aligns well with Titomic’s strategic approach, focused on markets such as the aerospace and automotive industries.

The acquisition creates a European basis to focus on local customers in the aerospace and automotive industries and in higher education. And it offers more opportunities for vertical integration, potential savings and a wider product range. The acquisition is fully coordinated with Dycomet’s founder and director Klaas Rozema. The acquisition will make him the new general manager of Titomic Europe.

Klaas Rozema: “I am delighted that Dycomet has been taken over by a new owner who understands our industry. Titomic fits perfectly with our current product range and expertise and can support the next phase of growth, providing our team with a wealth of opportunities. I will continue to lead the company in Europe and I look forward to bringing the two companies together and ensuring that the synergies between the two companies are fully exploited.”

Herbert Koeck, chief executive of Titomic: “The acquisition of Dycomet is an important step in Titomic’s strategic path to becoming a global company. We are delighted to welcome Dycomet. With our complementary machines and product portfolio, the combined expertise now available to the company will further accelerate the company’s growth into new markets and provide current customers with a broader product offering.

The transaction gives Titomic a base in Europe, facilitating a global market approach, along with the Australian headquarters and Titomic USA. Some elements of this are broader product offerings to current customers and use of complementary machine sets for the customers.