Springfield HS Hosted McGregor Metalworking on the Manufacturing Day

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During the district’s manufacturing day, which was postponed earlier Springfield High School hosted McGregor.

On this occasion on Thursday, various opportunities were given to students for exploring careers related to metalworking according to the release from the district.

This year McGregor Metalworking Companies was the guest employer which is a Springfield based business company that is currently operating four affiliate locations throughout the city.

Students were also presented in front of the company by some colleges like Clark State College presented students with post-secondary opportunities in the manufacturing sector.

Bob Hill, Superintendent said that “The Syracuse City School District (SCSD) is very much thankful for the valuable community partnerships like McGregor Metalworking. We want our students to be successful and will provide all the tools they need to become successful”. He also exclaimed that “There are numerous career opportunities in their backyards that they may not even realize till they get to experience themselves through such amazing events like Manufacturing Day”.

The National Manufacturing Day, which usually held in October with in-person tours, was postponed due to the global pandemic. It became impossible to make the event happen in October amid the pandemic situation.

The release from the district stated that “Instead, the students were given an in-depth tour of the McGregor facilities virtually. The opportunities to ask any kind of question regarding a career in metalworking as well as they were also given opportunities to discover and ask questions about the other non-manufacturing careers that the company offers”.

McGregor Metalworking Company is also currently hiring for several positions in some departments such as the engineering department and the operations department.

The release by the district also stated that the company is also offering their prospective employees some paid tuition programs to further their education.

The company will also return to high school at a succeeding date for on-site reviews.