PPE Kits are in Short Supply

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Masks and Gloves were in high demand from the beginning of the Covid-19 Pandemic. It was challenging to acquire enough supplies for Michigan-based organisations, having 92 hospitals in 22 states.

Indiana University Health is operating with a six-month reserve of strong supply. The executive director of logistics, Derrick L. Williams mentioned that IU health was using 1000 to 1300 masks per day which was 200 to 300 masks per day before the pandemic. At the end of November, it reached a spike of around 3000 a day. Even though the procurement seemed difficult, the U.S. PPE situation seems better when compared to last year. Still, the nonacute care facilities like the doctor’s office, schools, prisons and Daycares needed PPEs for Testing and Vaccination.

Most organisations requesting PPE have no remaining supply

Get Us PPE, a private organisation that experienced the requests rising to 260% from November to December, another 48% rise between December to January.

Despite the rise in claim about the decreasing price of masks, its usage still not returned to the same level before the pandemic.

Millions of pairs of gloves

Get Us PPE reported that the requests were doubled for nitrile gloves in December when compared to November. According to Premier Data, since the covid vaccination started the demand for gloves has been increased by 40%. The average lead time is 35days for receiving gloves.

The most requested items in ‘Get Us PPE’ in December 2020

Disinfecting wipes, Nitrile gloves and Hand sanitiser are the top three most requested items in December 2020.

Allocating PPE equitably with data

Premier data uses Machine Learning to expect the disease surges by ZIP codes based on the information about hospitals. They also use this system to determine the PPE need and instantly allocate products. Get Us PPE uses big data for ensuring the PPE reached the right location and they developed a Fair distribution algorithm that helps them to match the needs and donations. IU health paid 50 cents to $1 per surgical masks which they bought for 4 cents on normal days.

Standing up protection stateside

Many organisations prefer stockpiling for a guaranteed supply because it takes 90 to 120 days to ship PPE via containers. Despite the high freight rates and long lead times, many hospitals rely on domestic manufacturing for a greater PPE supply.